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  • instead of cutting holes in the cavity which defeats the sound reduction purpose, our K-9 Ear Muff is molded with attachment points on the outside.
  • We use webbing, not velcro. Velcro can get caught in pets hair causing discomfort.
  • Whereas velcro sizing can be different every time, once our K-9 Ear Muff is sized with the webbing, the size stays constant.
  • We use premium aircraft sound reduction foam.
  • Our Gel Cup is molded to contour to any dogs head.
  • The material is softer, more comfortable, and forms a better seal against unwanted noise.
  • K-9 Ear Muff is non-toxic to animals.
  • For safety, we incorporated a "break a way" clip for the chin strap. In case the animal gets caught on any object in the plane and starts to choke, the "brake a way" clip will release and save your pet.     Test result info and decibel reduction     Sizing Chart

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